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In This Section

Forms and Policies

We provide templates, policy guidelines, forms, the COR logo and various additional resources to help you throughout the Certificate of Recognition (COR) process.  Scroll down to view the H&S system templates available to download.

COR Logo

You earned your COR, be proud of it. Enform is pleased to introduce the launch of a Certificate of Recognition logo that will be available for use by all employers certified through the Enform COR/SECOR program.

Learn about and download the COR logo

Health and Safety System Templates

This section will provide you with a list of downloadable templates for various elements in your health and safety management system (e.g., Position Inventory and Task LIst, Equipment Maintenance Log, Competency Checklist, etc.)

These are freely available for your company to use, edit, and adapt for your specific management system needs.

The templates have been grouped into bundles based on chapters within the Safety Program Development course. Templates are in MS-Word or MS-Excel format while examples of how to use the templates are provided in PDF format.

Chapter 2 - Management Involvement and Committment

  • HSE Annual Goals
  • Accountability Monitoring System
  • Safety Performance Review
  • Discipline Action Reporting Form
  • Quarterly Executive Tour

Chapter 3 - Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control Measures

  • Facility Inspection

Chapter 4 - Managing Hazards in the Workplace

  • Position/Discipline Inventory
  • Position Inventory and Task List
  • Formal Hazard Assessment
  • Site Specific Assessment
  • Action Card
  • Hazard Report Form
  • Workplace Inspection-Extended
  • Equipment Maintenance Log
  • Vehicle Maintenance Log
  • Hazardous Materials Log

Chapter 5 - Training

  • Safety Training Requirements Matrix
  • Employee Orientation
  • Site-Specific Orientation
  • On-the-Job Training Record
  • Training Record Log
  • Competency Checklist

Chapter 6 - Emergency Response Planning

  • ERP Resource Assessment
  • Emergency Drill Record
  • Emergency Drill Evaluation

Chapter 7 - Incident Reporting and Investigation

  • Action Card
  • Action Card Report Summary
  • Incident Investigation Report Form

Chapter 8 - Corporate Communication

  • Safety Meeting Report Form
  • Record of Journey Form
  • Audit Action Plan

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